Phase Angle Solid State Relays

Phase Angle Solid State Relays

  • Energy saving
  • Simple wiring
  • Low hysteresis effect
  • Solid state reliability
  • Rugged and compact
  • Epoxy encapsulated
  • High current capacity
  • Operates down to-100mA

The PSR Series are high power, full wave AC phase angle controllers in a compact package capable of regulating up to 6KW (25amp) 240VAC. The PSR Series of regulators govern the amount of power supplied to the load by controlling the phase angle of the AC supply. The low th&mal impedance and high electrical isolation provide the equipment designer with a greater flexibility in a wide variety of applications.


Input: 3 and 4
  • 250K at 240VAC (fully off)
  • Full wave control
Output l and 2
  • Max rating 25 Amps
  • Hysteresis 15% typical
  • Leakage Current 5mA
  • Off State Voltage 400V
  • Peak Single Cycle Surge Current at 50Hz = 250 Amps
  • Triac full wave AC
  • Forward Volts Drop 1.5V
  • Insulation Connectors to heatsink 1500V RMS Min.
  • Snubber network 0.1uF 100R
  • Hermetically Sealed

Mode of Operation

The PSR provides a variable output voltage to the load, dependent on the resistance value of the control pot. wired across input connections 3 and 4. When the control potentiometer is set to minimum resistance the full output voltage will be seen across the load. The output volts versus resistance settings can be seen on the graph.