Non Heat Hybrid Solid State Contactor

Non Heat Hybrid Solid State Contactor

  • Combined advantages of Solid state relay and Electromechanical Relay
  • No heatsink required.
  • Normally open type.
  • LED indication.
  • Minimum audible noise
  • Zero cross-over switching
  • Lifetime > 5 million operations at full load
  • Galvanic separation between control buffer and power circuits (4000 volts)
  • Rated operational voltage up to 600 VAC rms
  • Optically isolated
  • Rated operational current: 16, 25 and 40Amps
  • Available upto 90 Amps
  • Ideal replacement for Mercury Relays (MDRs) or contactors


S3PD-NH-… is a Non-Heat 3-phase Solid State Relay. It helps to clip inrush currents generated due to transients that are a result of high power load switching. It is also called hybrid relay. A hybrid SSR is built using advantages of electromechanical relay and Solid state relay while avoiding their limitations. The SSR switching (ON and OFF) occurs at zero cross over. There is virtually no contact arcing hence no wear and tear issues. Mechanical contact carries load current hence power dissipation is low. After a minimum delay of 30 ms the load will be switched off. The power outputs will be off max 100ms after the input control voltage has been removed.

Type Selection Guide

Input Control Voltage Max Input Current Rated Operational Voltage Relay Type (Model Number)
24 VDC 400 440 VAC rms S3PD-NH24-4-16 S3PD-NH24-4-25 S3PD-NH24-4-40
120 VAC 400 440 VAC rms S3PA-NH120-4-16 S3PA-NH120-4-25 S3PA-NH120-4-40
240 VDC 400 440 VAC rms S3PA-NH240-4-16 S3PA-NH240-4-25 S3PA-NH240-4-40

Output Specifications

Type S3PD-NH24-4-16
Current range with proper heatsink 16 A 25 A 40 A
Surge Current (I) non-repetitive t = 20msecs. 200 A 230 A 250 A
Non rep Peak voltage 600 – 1200Vp
Load Voltage Range 24 – 280 VAC rms 48 – 600 VAC rms
Over Voltage Rating (PIV) Transient Peak 1200 VAC
Max Off-state leakage current per channel @ voltage 0.05 mA @ 240 VAC 0.06 mA @480 VAC
Turn-on (max.) 10 ms 10 ms 10 ms
Turn-off (max.) 10 ms 10 ms 10 ms
Power contact 3 NO, 16 A/phase 3 NO, 25 A/phase 3 NO, 40 A/phase
Auxilliary contact 1 NO ( 24 VDC/200 mA) 1 NO ( 24 VDC/200 mA) 1 NO ( 24 VDC/200 mA)
Dv/Dt @ Voltage (out) 500 V/ µs 500 V/ µs 500 V/ µs
I2T Fusing (8.3 ms.) 130 A2S 130 A2S 130 A2S

General Specifications

Type S3PD-NH24-4-16/25/40 S3PA-NH120-4-16/25/40 S3PA-NH240-4-16/25/40
Frequency Range 47 – 70 Hz
Dielectric Strength (Input to Output to Base) 4000 VAC
Weight Approximate 60 gms
Storage Temp. – 40 C to 100 C
Junction Temp. 100 C
Operating Temp. -20C to 70C
Control i/p status Green LED cont on
Power factor > 0.90
Operating life 4 million cycles
RoHS compliance Yes
CE marking Yes
Max No of operations per min 30