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Customers is our only priority for whom we work day and night to offer a standard Digital Motor Soft Starter & SCR Analog Controller...

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Established in 1985 Satronix is one of the leading manufacturers of Factory Automation components and Power Electronics products in India for the last 30 years. Our mission is to provide High Quality, Cutting Edge, Cost-Effective products and Robust automation solutions to our customers. It was Satronix that introduced Solid State Relays to the Indian market about 30 years ago and has since become a brand synonymous with Solid State Relays.

Stringent standards in product quality, design, manufacturing and testing:
· Leading the way with constant innovation.
· We are considered as a benchmark for quality and reliability.
· Maintenance free products.


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There is no problem for SSR to switch on/off the normal loads, but some special load conditions should also be considered so as to avoid the unnecessary damages to the device caused by excessive impact current and overvoltage. In the use, the steady-state current flowing through SSR output should not exceed the rated output current under relevant temperature as stipulated in the product specifications. The possible inrush current cannot exceed the overload capacity of the relay. Generally, there should be some margin.

DC solid state relay is only suitable for controlling DC power and load, AC solid state relay is only for controlling AC power and load, and AC/DC universal(bidirectional)solid state relay is applied to AC, DC and bidirectional square wave control.

The voltage of load power supply can't exceed rated output voltage of solid state relay, and can't be lower than stipulated minimum output voltage. The maximum value of voltage peak which is possibly added to solid state relay should be lower than the value of its transient voltage.

ATO provides two types of solid state relays, DC and AC input control. DC control input all use constant current source circuit, with input voltage range of 3-32V DC, convenient to connect with TTL circuit and microcomputer interface. The positive and negative polarity of control terminals should be paid attention to under installation. AC control input of solid state relay is also available with control voltage ranging from 70 to 280V AC.


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Customers are our only priority for whom we work day and night to offer a standard Digital Motor Soft Starter, SCR Analog Controller, Solid State Relay, Static relay, Pcb mount SSR, DC-AC SSR and AC- AC SSR etc.

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