Digital Energy Saver

Digital Energy Saver

  • Power range up to 710 kw at 440 V
  • Compact and Efficient Thyristorised microcontroller Design
  • Choice of startup functions; breakaway pulse, voltage ramp, voltage or current limiting
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Power Optimizer
  • Soft Start/ Stop
  • Adjustable Torque i.e Pedestal voltage
  • Adjustable Ramp up Start time
  • System Run, fault, Power, start and Optimize
  • LED indication on front panel

Electrical Specification:

Supply Voltage Frequency Pedestal Voltage
240-460 V 47/63 Hz 20%, 30%, 50%, 70% of I/P Voltage

Environmental Specification:

Operating Temp. 0oC to 40 o C
Storage Temp. -10 oC to 40 o C
Cooling Cooling with heatsink.
Relative humidity < 95 % no condensation allowed
Altitude Maximum 1000 m reduce kW Rating by 1 % per additional 100 M

Control Specification:

Pedestal Voltage 20%,30%,50%,70% of I/P Voltage
Ramp Up Time 0.5 Sec To 120 Sec
Ramp Down Time 0.5 Sec To 120 Sec
Starting Duty 2.5 X unit rating in amperes for 60 Sec
3 X unit rating in amperes for 30 Sec
4X unit rating in amperes for 10 Sec
4.5 X unit rating in amperes for 5Sec 
Starts Per Hour 12 evenly spaced starts per hour at the Starting Duty
Starting Torque 9-49% of the DOL starting torque
Current Limit 30% DOL current for 60 Sec
40%DOL current for 60 Sec
50%DOL current for 60 Sec
70%DOL current for 60 Sec
Protection Microcontroller based motor protection system
Fault Detection Shut down for loss of phase and short-circuit
Thyristers, indication on LED
Cooling Naturally cooled<39 amps, force cooled>53 amps
Relays Run, fault/ top of ramp
Relay Contact Rating 1.2 KVA,250AX Max
LED indication Power, Run, rampup, ramp down,Fault, start and Optimizing/top ramp
Control Circuitry High frequency Microcontroller for controller